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UpCycling Solutions At Fischer Plastics

The concept of upcycling has been steadily rising over the past few years as we have seen a big sustainability push for both manufacturers and consumers alike.

The theory of upcycling takes into consideration that already made products can either be repurposed or put back into the manufacturing process to allow for the loop of the supply chain to close.

Particularly in the world of plastics, the ability to use recycled materials is a growing industry.

Processing machinery and the engineering behind it is growing at a rapid rate with greater investment and revolutionary technologies. Post-consumer plastics and re-grinded waste materials are proving to be a contender on the market for plastics but the demand needs to continue to rise for it to become price competitive.

1H-063V_064V_065V Fischer Plastics Viro-Pak

Recycled materials such as the above Viro-Pak can often be just as good quality as the standard virgin materials.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

The rise in CSR initiatives at big corporations as well as government-mandated procurement policies is increasingly placing emphasis on the usage of recycled materials. Over the last decade or so, there has been increased media and discussion on these recycled materials but it has solely focussed on products such as building bollards and parking barriers etc. 

The value of these products is great but it has only become a part of resource recovery for such a small component of waste. To further reap the benefits environmentally with recycled materials, we need to see the market for these materials expand into products that are used in a larger scale and transition an entire industry over time.

Taking the plunge to close the loop:

As with a lot of environmental movements particularly when tied in with manufacturing, it takes large corporations to make the big first step in the transition. There are a vast array of manufacturers locally in Australia that is willing and able to assist with the incorporation of recycled materials and the further investment in this range will only expand the capacity and lower the cost over time.

If you are already interested in the Fischer Plastics range, consider speaking to us about transitioning over to recycled material. We are already manufacturing a number of our SKUs in a high-quality premium recycled material, but depending on quantity can usually work with you on any of our products.

Our customer service team will be pleased to assist you with all your needs and recycled plastic queries. 

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