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53 years

For over 50 years, Fischer Plastic Products has been manufacturing a variety of basket systems, medical panels for storage bins and consumable plastic storage solution products that are made to last. 

Manufacturing locally ensures the quality of every medical storage bin & product produced your Hospital or medical facility will be at the forefront of industry best practice.

Hospital Grade Material

We ensure that all products are made from the highest quality grade virgin material to service the needs of the medical industry.

Our medical product range has been made primarily with the Medical Industry in mind such as Hospitals, Pharmacies, Doctors Surgeries, Aged Care facilities.  They are the made to ensure that your hospital storage follows best practice and optimum hygiene in your consumable storage areas. 

Interchangeable & complimentary range

The Medical consumables storage range is effective when space is a premium. We have many different types of storage solutions. 

Our products enable organised effectiveness and are made to interchange and compliment the current storage bin, medical wall bins, stackable bins and wall basket panels found throughout hospitals.

Dust Free Storage Solutions

Our Mesh-Pak basket system is the perfect complimentary dust-free hygienic solution. Made with medical applications in mind the perforated bottoms enable cleanliness & organised effectiveness of your consumable storage areas. 

The range comes in four sizes and three colours specific to the medical application. It also fits with the current storage and medical panel ranges, enabling useful dust-free storage options. 

Fischer Plastic Products 1965

About Fischer Plastics

Fischer Plastic Products is a proudly 100% family owned Australian company. All of our plastic storage solution products are produced onsite at our Mulgrave, Victoria Head Office manufacturing facility. Fischer Plastic Products design, tool and manufactured our full range of plastic storage solution products exclusively in-house, i.e. from design concept to reality. 

For over 50 years, Fischer Plastic Products has been manufacturing a variety of basket systems, medical panels for storage bins and consumable plastic storage solution products that are focused on quality and made to last in medical applications. 

Featured Medical Storage Products

1H-061MP-Clear Fischer Plastics Mesh Pak.jpg


Dust free plastic alternative

 Plastic Mesh-Pak is perforated bottom bins that are a dust-free alternative to the regular storage bins. With the added benefit of fitting & interchanging into your current storage range medical tub range.

Plastic mesh baskets are ideal for sterile hospital environments. This design is perfect for spaces where cleanliness is vital and are a fantastic plastic alternative to wire medical baskets. The plastic mesh construction provides vertical ventilation. Knowing dust will not collect is critical and can be achieved with the Mesh-Pak storage solution.

  • Perforated bottom ensures no dust collects at the bottom & achieves best practice 
  • Available in four sizes 
  • Made in Australia using tough & durable hospital-grade material
  • Angled front provides easy picking access
  • Can be used with dividers for further organisation 
  • Integrates with your standard plastic bins
Hospital Consumable Fischer Plastics Stor-Pak.png


Storage bins for medical consumables

  Multiple sizes and colours allow colour coding vertically and horizontally for easy identification of supplies.

Our storage bins are moulded from high-quality, food-grade plastic & are rust-proof. That not only improves the lifetime of your purchase, but it also keeps your staff protected from the infection dangers of rust. 

Our storage bins sit on shelves or are the perfect hanging bins, making them a great alternative to wire wall panel baskets. Fischer Medical panels, racks, rails and carts. They stack securely to optimise shelf space. 

  • The broad fronts ensure easy access & maximum visibility
  • Easy Parts Identification with two different label options including an extended Label Holder
  • Optimised Storeroom Efficiency
  • Provides quick access
  • Enables colour coding with seven colour options
  • Separate look and sound-alike medications using different colours of bins
  • Lengthwise dividers keep items separated
1H-040b - Small Visi-Pak.png


Tilt-bin for easy storage

Fully modular the Visi-Pak is used on a Medical Panel system, screwed onto the wall or left free standing on a bench top. 

Their clear removable compartments keep sterile products clean, dust free, accessible on the go. 

Hospital Bins help keep everything sanitary, safe, clean, neat and organise which will improve efficiency in your pharmacy, hospital, doctors surgery, aged care facility or medical office.

  • Allows easy visual stock control
  • Clipped together as you need to grow and expand the ranges 
  • Perfect for medical consumables such as bandages, tape, gauze etc.
  • Comes in three sizes
  • Stackable & wall-mountable units let you create a custom supply station
  • Keeps items at fingertips for increased productivity
  • Durable construction for years of use
Caddy small.png

medical supply caddy 

Compact hand-held supply caddy

Made of made from high-quality, food-grade plastic, & are rust-proof.

Perfect for cleaning supplies, tools and ensure the organised effectiveness of your medical facility. Also ideal for transporting your medical items between departments, floor to floor, between employees, etc.

Available in two sizes to suit your consumable medica needs & can also be used for specimen tray. The large caddy tray can even have clear two storage boxes sitting in the top in one, six and fourteen compartments for smaller medical items.

  • Compact, hand-held supply caddy
  • Available in Black or Clear
  • Functional, deep compartments hold loose items.
  • The perfect phlebotomy caddy
  •  Made for lasting durability

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For over 50 years, Fischer Plastic Products has been manufacturing a variety of plastic Medical storage solution products for Hospitals,  Aged Care Facilities, Pharmacies and medical facilities that are made to last. We ensure that all products are made from the highest quality grade virgin material in Australia to service your needs as a customer.

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