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Australian Made Certified

For over 50 years, Fischer Plastic Products has been manufacturing a variety of durable and industrial strength plastic storage products ideal for organising your warehouse or garage. 

Manufacturing locally ensures the quality of every storage product produced is optimised for long lasting use and industrial application.

Industrial Strength Material

We ensure that all products are made from the highest quality grade virgin material to service the needs of the Industrial sector.

Our materials handling storage product range offers premium solutions to bulk storage and large scale warehousing. Built to last and entirely Australian made.

Built to suit standard shelving sizes and depths

The Fischer materials handling accessories range is optimised for use in nationally recognised racking dimensions. 

We work with a number of leading pallet racking and long-span shelving suppliers to offer our accessories to a wider audience.

Interchangeable and Complimentary Range

Our materials handling storage range offers a variety of options to suit your storage needs.

The storage bins can be implemented in a wall hanging louvred panel system or easily stackable on shelving units.

Fischer Plastic Products 1965

About Fischer Plastics

Fischer Plastic Products is a proudly 100% family owned Australian company. All of our plastic storage solution products are produced onsite at our Mulgrave, Victoria Head Office manufacturing facility. Fischer Plastic Products design, tool and manufactured our full range of plastic storage solution products exclusively in-house, i.e. from design concept to reality. 

Fischer Plastic Products dedicated range of parts trays and storage bins have been especially designed for optimum use as accessories to materials handling equipment.

Featured Materials Handling Storage Products

1H-002  017 Fischer Plastics Spare Parts Trays Medium.png

Spare Parts Tray

Storage tray for a range of parts

 Available in a variety of depths, widths and colours, this storage solution is perfect for shelving units and storage of your equipment and components.

With a number of divider options, it is a versatile option that is a standard for pallet racking and long-span shelving

  • Available in widths of 100mm and 200mm
  • Available in depths of 300mm, 400mm and 600mm
  • Colour coding options
  • Multiple labelling options
Hospital Consumable Fischer Plastics Stor-Pak.png


Stackable and durable storage tubs

  Fischer storage bins are a market leading design and industry standard for shelving units. Fischer was the original picking bin design adopted nationally.

Multiple sizes and colours allow colour coding of equipment and supplies.

We use the best quality materials meaning longevity of the bins and more importantly your actual parts / equipment.

  • Multiple labelling options
  • Optimal Efficiency
  • Provides quick access and visibility
  • Colour coding options
  • Divider capacity
Viro-Tub 13 Stacked_1 with lid 1


Heavy Duty Storage Crate


  • Durable, high impact materials.
  • Removable drawer to assist with cleaning.
  • Designed for use on Louvred Panels
  • Interlockable side by side for additional strength and storage
1H-100 - Combo Storage Trolley Complete.jpg

Combo Storage Trolley 

Portable Trolley with Louvre Panels

Made of a powder coated steel louvre panel frame and perfect for adding storage bins too.

Can be bolted side by side for additional width/capacity. Easy to assemble and comes flat packed.

  • Available as standard with 28 Stor-Pak bins in different sizes.
  • Heavy-Duty steel frame and castors.
  • Suitable for all Louvre Panel compatible Fischer Plastic products

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For over 50 years, Fischer Plastic Products has been manufacturing a variety of industrial grade, innovative storage solutions for the materials handling industry. We ensure that all products are made from the highest quality grade materials in Australia to service your needs as a customer.

For our complete range of Australian made, plastic storage products and more, fill in your details and download our catalogue.

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