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Bulk Storage Solutions for your Warehouse

Increase your Efficiencies and organisation of spare parts

For over 50 years, Fischer Plastic Products and the associated network of distributors, have been a leading supplier of high-quality plastic warehouse storage solutions for industries right across Australia.

The high quality plastic products are perfect for the implementation of a storage system to enhance the operational side of your business. Storage systems have successfully been implemented across many sectors, however particularly thrives with:


Fischer Plastics Warehouse Storage Set-up

Versatile Storage Solutions

Fischer Plastics manufactures and operates out of Melbourne, Australia. Designing, tooling and manufacturing our full range of plastic storage solution products exclusively in-house – from design concept to reality.  We develop products that are precise and specialised for the specific industries. This allows for opportunity to create custom storage systems and tailor our products to your spare parts storage needs.

We work with you.

Fischer Plastics has an experienced Sales and Customer Service team that can assist you to find the perfect product for your needs. From Kanban storage systems through to Pallet Racking and picking bins, we have optimised products that can be implemented into your storage system to further enhance your efficiencies and organised effectiveness.