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18 Mar 2018

Mobile Storage System - Application

Technician Vehicle Setup

There are many applications for the Fischer Plastic Product range in your vehicle storage setup depending on your trade. Understanding the necessary use and the level of mobility required is a key step when building the storage system. One of Fischer Plastics leading distributors of vehicle accessories and van racking, VAS, understands your differing needs and develops products to suit specific industries and trades.

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16 Mar 2018

Compare the Pair: Vehicle shelving systems

Fischer Plastic Products has been a leading supplier of industrial grade plastic accessories for the van racking and vehicle storage system industry for some years. By manufacturing, designing and operating locally at our Mulgrave Head office, Melbourne, we have been able to produce various ranges of storage products perfect for optimising your business’ mobile storage systems and vehicle fit-outs.

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5 Mar 2018

Three Key Van Racking Products

Choosing the right storage for you van racking is very important as it will allow you to keep your van neat and safe.

There are many different options when it comes to the types of storage you can use for your van racking; we have chosen our top three products that are best for van fit-out.

Image from VAS

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13 Feb 2018

Why your Van Storage Systems need to be of the highest quality

Efficiencies within your business are often something that can give you the edge and improve the functionality of your business. Within the world of industry and trades, it is becoming increasingly important to have mobility and the on-the-go access to your tools and equipment. Opening the door for vehicle fit-outs, van storage systems, accessories and racking to become essential to stay ahead of the field. While storage containers, bins, carry cases and toolboxes may seemingly feel like just an add-on to your vehicle set-up, it is essential to choose the highest quality products the first time to avoid continually replacing parts and having the risk of damaging your equipment.

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8 Feb 2018

How To Set Up Your Van Racking Correctly And Why It Is Essential

Van racking is essential for an optimal working environment on the road and is one of the most valuable parts of any mobile business. Taking time to decide how you want to set up your van racking is valuable and will save you time and money in the long run.  Fitting out your van with certified shelving systems will ensure your vehicle is safe, organised and productive. 

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