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12 Apr 2022

Premium Storage Solutions for Teaching Supplies

Having great storage options for teaching resources and supplies can make the learning process much more efficient and interactive for students.

Fischer Plastic products, in conjunction with leading suppliers in the teaching industry, have developed solutions to assist teachers in storing their supplies and effectively engage with students.

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5 Sep 2019

Australian Made Classroom Storage Containers

With increased access to international suppliers and manufacturers, the quality of plastics in Australia has steadily been declining and products have increasingly contained fillers such as Talc or Rubber rather than a virgin material. Fischer Plastic Products is one company that has stood out from the crowd in continuing their operations entirely out of Melbourne, Australia. 

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22 Aug 2019

Ideal Storage for Your Educational Supplies

The educational industry has been developing at unprecedented levels in recent times with advancing technologies and greater needs for innovative learning resources and solutions for children. With this has come a growing need for classroom and broader schooling storage solutions that can compliment the learning environment and allow for the learning process to operate as efficiently as possible.

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16 Aug 2019

Modern Teaching Aids and Fischer Plastics


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12 Aug 2019

A4 Storage Boxes and Solutions - Keep your documents safe!

Keeping your documents safe is paramount in any working environment. Whether you are simply keeping a ream of paper clean and safe before putting it in the printer, or being a sales representative looking after a stack of brochures for your clients, Fischer Plastics has developed a unique storage product to suit.

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