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15 Jun 2022

Sterile Plastic Medication Storage Bins for Lismore Hospital

Fischer Plastics range of Medical Grade storage solutions are highlighted by the Mesh-Pak bin. A sterile consumables storage solution, perfect for hospitals and medical facilities. 

We worked with a leading Fischer distributor to install a storage project for Lismore Hospital to upgrade their patient bay wing. This case study shows how the Fischer Mesh-Pak bins can be implemented into medical facilities to not only increase the storage capacity but ultimately assist with overall efficiencies and labelling potential. 

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18 Jan 2018

Industry & Warehouse Storage Systems

For over 50 years, Fischer Plastic Products and the associated network of distributors, have been a leading supplier of high-quality plastic warehouse storage solutions for industries right across Australia. 

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5 Dec 2017

Adelaide Hospital Renovation - Medical Storage

The new addition of the renovated Royal Adelaide Hospital, into the South Australian capital has brought technology and growth potential to the medical industry right across Australia. With the ability to support ongoing research and development into cutting-edge medical advancements, this Hospital has firmly become a leader in the nations healthcare system.

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15 Sep 2017

Custom Medical Storage Products Made For Bless Designs

Fischer Plastics collaborated with Bless Designs to create a hospital-grade plastic Haemostasis Kit – a storage unit for coagulation materials. Whilst having usual emphasis on the warehouse storage and robust application industries, Fischer also is able to adapt to the needs of it's client base and customise as necessary.

Bless Designs is a design agency that works with companies to produce innovative designs that carry purpose and meet the needs of their clients in a way that is helpful for their business and brand.

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