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Small Industrial Plastics Blog

19 Nov 2019

Fischer Plastics and the Independent Hardware Group and Mitre 10

Since Fischer Plastics first started injection moulding plastic products for the industrial and hardware sector, right through to today as a still family run business, Fischer has always upheld strong business ethics and supporting local and independent suppliers where-ever possible. Fischer Plastics truly believes that operating the business with sound morals cultivates better business relationships and stronger ties with our distribution network to grow our range and reach into various industries.

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31 May 2019

What can tooling inserts offer your company?

As industry continues to become saturated with competition and many companies offering the same solutions for their market, we are seeing a rise in professional methods to differ you from the pack. Fischer Plastics and other local Australian manufacturers offer a personalised approach to helping you tailor-make products to not only continue to enhance your industry but make them in a way that is recognisable to the individual company.

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30 Aug 2018

Benefits of Buying Australian Made Plastic Containers

Because we manufacture in Melbourne, Australia, we know and can prove what is going into our products and how they are made. With every claim we make, we can support it because it's made on-site – we see it. This means our products are perfect for specialised fields, especially the medical industry and van racking. 

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13 Jul 2018

Three Benefits of Buying Australian Made at Stores Such as Total Tools

We make tools & dies, manufacture, warehouse and sell plastic products all in Australia. This allows for many positive outcomes that manufacturing overseas would not. We choose to manufacture and operate out of Australia for three key factors.

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15 Dec 2017

Why Knowing Where Your Medical Storage is Manufactured Matters

Manufacturing in Australia is widely seen to be declining however in a recent report by the CSIRO it is now being brought to light that the industry is not diminishing but rather evolving with changing consumer needs and greater value towards high-quality niche products.

As our manufacturing industry continues to develop towards being known for quality and service, it is now becoming more evident than ever the importance of understanding where your products are made, particularly within the medical procurement sector.

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