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Plastics in Agriculture

3 Aug 2021 / by Luke

The world of plastics and storage components have made its way through almost every industry in Australia and New Zealand in some capacity. The Agricultural sector is no exception with their various needs to store, distribute and handle goods and equipment. The Fischer Plastics range not only can maximise efficiencies but also offer security and longevity that the storage products will withstand the needs of the industry. 

Plastics in Agriculture need to be built to last and offer support to the demands associated with day to day tasks. We know the rigours that storage tubs need to go through whether storing grain, feed, equipment or spare parts. We took into account the strength components that are expected with the Agriculture sector and ensured that our product was built to withstand it.

Custom Ag Plastics:

When you are looking for a manufacturer of custom plastics in agriculture, Fischer Plastics also offers a superior service to help you achieve your goals efficiently and supporting the local economy. Fischer Plastics injection moulding facilities and tool room have been leading the way for plastic technology and production across Australia for over 50 years, with expert engineering and moulding processes.

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The Fischer custom process is surprisingly attainable for the agricultural industry where high volume plastic container needs are a part of your business operations. Once you have a design in mind for a specific tub or container that can aid your business processes, Fischer Plastics offers a tailored solution to create the injection moulding tool or commonly known as a die, and then along with premium raw material selection we have an efficient moulding facility to consistently provide you with your products.

If you want to chat to Fischer Plastics today about how we can help you maximise your agricultural processes and assist with a plastic storage system to suit your needs, our customer service team will be more than happy to assist and provide advice.

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Written by Luke