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5 Apr 2022

Why Choose Injection Moulding for your Plastic Needs?

When it comes to the manufacturing of plastic products for your various business needs it is important to look at the overall process and how you can build something that will last.

There are a number of ways something can be created and often cost is the determining factor. From 3D Printed parts through to the premium injection moulding, you need to take into account the needs and timeframe around what you are creating.

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3 Jun 2019

What is OEM?

OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer refers to a process or system of manufacturing a component that is a part of a larger project. Here at Fischer Plastic Products, we refer to OEM work as manufacturing plastic products for a client base that then utilises this part in a secondary production line to become a key component of their larger product. 

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31 May 2019

What can tooling inserts offer your company?

As industry continues to become saturated with competition and many companies offering the same solutions for their market, we are seeing a rise in professional methods to differ you from the pack. Fischer Plastics and other local Australian manufacturers offer a personalised approach to helping you tailor-make products to not only continue to enhance your industry but make them in a way that is recognisable to the individual company.

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31 May 2019

Plastics Manufacturing and Co-Branding

As Australian manufacturing continues to make it's claim and regain some ground against imported goods, we are seeing more and more unique branding options for clients and the concept of "white-labelling." When you work closely with your manufacturer the options grow towards how you can make a general product your own.

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9 May 2018

Plastic Stackable Storage Boxes to Kit Up Your Products

Did you know that the Fischer Plastics range can serve as a great option to package your own products in a high-quality way? It is the perfect solution for end-user retail packaging as well as merchandising purposes to make you stand out from your competitors.

By working with our sales staff and storage experts, we can offer tailor made solutions for your companies in-store merchandising. Whether it is by use of the Parts Trays, Visi-Paks or Stor-Pak products we can offer a premium solution for your retail customers to house your products and offer an attractive option for customers.

It is highly competitive to win business in small components within the industrial sector as consumers are faced with so many options and price driven decisions. For a premium product you want to reflect that to the customer by it's in-store display.

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