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Australian Made & High Quality Plastic Injection Moulding

From design concept through to reality.

Fischer Plastic Products at their state of the art on-site tooling room and injection moulding capacity have been producing a range of storage products ideal for industrial and trade application for over 50 years. We work with industry leaders to develop and distribute a range of products that can enhance efficiencies through storage solutions. This can entail greater labelling capacity, expert material selection and colour coding.

By working with Fischer Plastics storage, we stand for quality manufacturing and great customer service on all OEM projects. 

What is OEM?

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) refers in it's simplest form as a manufactured product as a component of a bigger product. A key example of this is Fischer Plastics' clear storage range of boxes that are widely used as a packaging solution for the fastener, craft and locksmith industries (and many more). 

Through manufacturing everything on site as well as having the capacity to create the tools as well, means that Fischer has had the capacity to work with experts for OEM projects and specialise products as a solution to the industry demands.

As a case study, the Spare Parts Tray was developed for the Automotive industry as an essential for the workshop or back of house storage set-up to sort parts and have easily identifiable inventory. It allows for a number of divider slots and colour options to house key parts neatly and is now nationally recognised and utilised on a large scale in most service centres and parts warehouses.

Our knowledgable customer service team will help you maximise your storage capacity with the following benefits:

  • Australian Manufactured products for longer lasting parts.
  • Direct communication line throughout custom manufacturing process.
  • Great options for developing your storage solutions.

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Local Manufacturing Industry

By working with Fischer Plastics as a private label manufacturers Australia and OEM style project you are supporting the local economy and manufacturing industry. Alongside this, we manufacture with the highest quality virgin grade and sustainable recycled materials to ensure that our products are built to last within a heavy duty environment and to uphold the strength requirements of your industry.
We ensure longevity of the parts and equipment stored in the bins as well as minimise how often you will need to replace the storage products themselves. 
With all OEM projects there is the options for Co Branding through custom storage systems. We can also look at tooling inserts as a complimentary offer to a current Fischer range.