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What is OEM?

OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer refers to a process or system of manufacturing a component that is a part of a larger project. Here at Fischer Plastic Products, we refer to OEM work as manufacturing plastic products for a client base that then utilises this part in a secondary production line to become a key component of their larger product. 

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A popular method of OEM work that Fischer currently specialises in is the notion of 'Grab Kits.' Fischer Plastics manufactures clear compartment storage boxes in many different sizes and compartment combinations to offer a durable solution for kitting up small components such as fasteners, pneumatics, fittings and clamps.

We work with a leading industrial supplier Wolfchester on the below style of grab kits to make your life easier as a consumer when looking for parts.


Within the scope of OEM style work, we also operate a state of the art on-site tool room, which can allow the plastic manufacturing process to be completely done locally - from design and concept through to reality.

When creating fully customised tools with clients we consult at every step of the way from 3D print prototyping through to the first few runs of samples that come off the production line to ensure that they are built to perfectly serve their purpose and enhance your companies operations through a storage solution. 

When working with overseas manufacturers that may offer an enticing initial price offer, there is little accountability and quality assurance as wall as many economical factors such as freight, the US dollar and Australia's import taxes to be wary of. Fischer Plastics is entirely Melbourne based and can troubleshoot any issues efficiently on-site.

If you or your client's have any OEM project work in the periphery that may need some involvement of injection moulded plastics, please feel free to call through to Fischer Plastics expert sales team to discuss the options.

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