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22 Mar 2022

Australian Made Vehicle Storage Accessories

Knowing where your products have been manufactured is a key measure to ensuring quality control and, a longer life span/durability.

Fischer Plastic Products manufactures its range of vehicle accessories and storage products entirely in-house at our well-renowned injection moulding facility in Melbourne.

With Fischer's capacity to design, tool and mould our full range of products on-site, we have ensured the highest quality materials are utilised and our level of service can be maximised.

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12 Apr 2018

Why The Stor-Pak is A Vital Van Storage Bin

When deciding what storage bins to use for your van racking system, it is essential not to overlook the simplicity and functionality of the Stor-Pak. The Fischer Stor-Pak was the original picking style of storage bin and paved the way for a whole industry of plastic storage options in many different industries. It offers a smart design to assist storage systems being accessible and easy to use as well as offer key labelling options.

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31 Mar 2018

Chemical Resistant vehicle storage accessories

When you are setting up your vehicle accessories storage system, some quality control mechanisms must be put in place to ensure that your equipment or spare parts will be stored appropriately and are not set in harm's way. As many industries and trades encounter chemicals and the associated damage they can cause, it is critical to ensure your storage bins and vessels are chemical resistant and will not deteriorate due to the day to day spillages that vehicle storage setups face.

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28 Mar 2018

What To Look For When Choosing A Van Racking Supplier

So you are setting up your new van, great! It might sound simple, but it can be challenging to remember to ask all the right questions when setting up your van racking. When choosing the right van racking solutions for your needs, it is important to consider three key points. 

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