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17 Mar 2020

ESD Plastic Containers

Fischer Plastics is becoming one of a select few Australian manufacturers with the capacity to manufacture Safe ESD Plastic Containers for the transportation and warehousing of ESD sensitive devices.

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16 Mar 2020

What is Static Dissipative Plastic?

As Fischer Plastics has developed their range of ESD safe storage solutions for the vast industry of storing and distributing electrical components and static sensitive parts, it is important to understand what static dissipation is and what static dissipative plastic products can do to alleviate any risk involved with your parts.

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28 Feb 2020

Electrical Storage Solutions

Amongst Fischer Plastics premium storage solutions, we provide options for all different trades and industries. For electrical components our core range of storage parts trays and carry cases have been widely used for decades. As an addition to this, Fischer has expanded into the ESD safety realm for electrical storage options that need the added safety when static interference could be at play.

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18 Feb 2020

What Is ESD Compliance?

With the increasing need for ESD Safe Storage solutions for your sensitive devices, it is important to understand the global standards that are associated with this and what to look for with compliance. 

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11 Feb 2020

Anti Static Storage Bins


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