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Anti Static Storage Bins


With continuing technological advancements and greater transportation of components and parts globally, we have seen a rapid rise in the need for ESD safe storage products. If you are still unsure, you can read further about what ESD is here. ESD sensitive products are parts that need to be stored in an ESD safe environment to ensure that their function is not affected by static charge.

Given there is an electrostatic charge that forms and is transferred between any two given objects, it can cause a range of changes to the stored products. These can range from slight damage through to complete defects in the product. It is important to understand this before you attempt to store ESD Sensitive parts.

Electric cords

ESD Sensitive parts can range in appearance and qualities. To give you some examples:

  • Computer cards
  • Computer chips
  • LEDs
  • Resistors and Transistors

The process for creating Anti Static Storage Bins at Fischer Plastics involved us incorporating key material selection and trialling a number of additives. Fischer adds in to the raw material an important carbon additive to make our storage bins suitable as an anti static storage bin.

What factors should you look for in Anti Static Storage Bins and ESD plastic containers?

  1. Surface resistance reduced to less than 1 x 10^5 ohms.
  2. Ground-ability - with a path-to-ground they will be the same electrical potential as the ESD Protected Area.
  3. EN 61340 Compliance

Fischer Plastics will be offering our ESD Range in the core 3 sizes of Stor-Pak bins that are most widely used in the storage industry already. The goods will be louvre panel compatible and offer great storage and labelling options.

Further to this, given Fischer is an Australian manufacturer we are able to work with you to customise your anti static storage bins needs and offer made to order ESD additives on the rest of the full Fischer range with larger orders.

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