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Safe storage for your static sensitive parts - made in Australia

Fischer Plastics is a Leader in Australian Made Plastics and Storage.

What is ESD?

Electrostatic discharge or ESD for short, is caused by the transfer of electronic charge between multiple bodies with different electrical potentials. This discharge can sometimes cause product defects as well as equipment failures.

When transporting goods such as computer chips, two-way radios and other electronic components, the storage products that are housing these can cause the aforementioned discharge of static and cause a product to fail. Currently there are only a few manufacturers around the world that have been able to specialise and produce plastic storage products that contain anti-static properties to protect parts.

Fischer has been working on this product for a while now and is on the cusp of launching to our Australian market that know and trust our skills in the world of plastic production.

A few key benefits of buying your storage solutions from Australian manufacturers such as Fischer Plastics include:

  • Tested for a variety of applications to Australian compliance standards.
  • Long lasting product made from the highest quality raw materials.
  • Readily accessible customer service team to assist with your ongoing needs.

1H-062 Anti Static

Fischer Plastics Anti-Static Concept Storage Bin

What is the potential of Fischer's Static Dissipative plastics?

With specialising in large scale warehousing plastics and professional storage systems, the Fischer Plastics standard range of Stor-Paks and Spare Parts trays will have the potential to become ESD safe. This MTO (Made to Order) product range will allow customers to specify the purpose of their storage needs and allow the Fischer sales team to customise our offering and options to suit. By offering a tailor made solution for the storage systems in your electro static environment means that you don't have to settle for what is currently on the market coming mostly out of the UK and USA at the moment.

The brand that you can trust

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Servicing Various Industries

Fischer Plastics has been providing their premium plastic storage range to a number of industries over the past 50+ years. The Fischer name has become a known brand across all facets of the world of storage that you can trust for quality control and premium storage ability.
When Fischer Plastics develops new ranges for specific markets such as the ESD storage bins,  we look at all possible material variables to ensure that we can consistently produce high quality plastic storage bins to withstand all needs of the industry and allow you to exceed in your industry at every step of the way.
"High quality products require high quality storage solutions."

Revolutionary Technologies

Fischer has begun developing their capacity in, is the area of Static Dissipation and other Anti-Static properties. With the Fischer Stor-Paks often utilised in the storage of electrical components and exposure to high currents and frequencies, the materials used in the plastic box can actually affect the quality of the electrical parts over time.
Having the local manufacturing capacity on-site, gives us the opportunity to fine tune our products and has meant that we can provide the premium range of storage products to cope with each industries individual needs.