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What is ESD?

Electrostatic discharge or Electrostatic dissipation are the most common phrases you will see in reference to ESD. The discharge of electrostatic is a result of the transfer in charge between bodies with varying electric potentials. Most importantly for the world of ESD Storage is the fact that discharge of this nature can cause harm to particular products and result in defects in the product stored.

In conjunction with leading materials suppliers and the electrical industry, Fischer Plastics has been developing a range of ESD safe storage solutions soon to enter the Australian market. The only current options for customers are to source this from a Great Britain manufacturer.

The key component of making a product ESD safe is through drastically reducing the surface resistivity. 

Electric Resistance Testing

What kind of products can require ESD Safe storage solutions:

1. Computer chips and graphics cards.

2. LED's 

3. Resistors

The growing demand for warehousing solutions to allow for ESD safety has been seen across a diverse range of industries looking to ensure that static properties won't damage any components.

What goes into the process of making plastic storage parts ESD Safe?

Material selection and various additives are paramount during the manufacturing process for plastics. By looking at the products application and potential environmental factors allows manufacturers to ensure that the product will withstand its intended application and ensure longevity. This component of manufacturing is heightened when you support Australian manufacturers such as Fischer Plastics that can discuss the different materials selection and ensure that the goods are right for you. I.e. UV Stabiliser additives if your storage product will be outdoors.

For ESD Safety, Fischer incorporates a high-grade electronically conductive carbon additive into the PolyPropylene. This additive has been carefully tested to reduce surface resistivity from around 10^14 ohms to 10^3.

There is a key compliance standard that governs ESD safety - IEC 61340-5-1. By following these standards Fischer is able to ensure that our products will suit your needs.

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Written by Luke