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17 Mar 2020 / by Luke

Fischer Plastics is becoming one of a select few Australian manufacturers with the capacity to manufacture Safe ESD Plastic Containers for the transportation and warehousing of ESD sensitive devices.

Whether you are just looking for the additional reassurance that your parts won't be affected by static interference or your core product range involves sensitive devices, we will have the products for you.

The standard core range of ESD plastic containers will revolve around the middle sized Stor-Pak range that have been synonymous with the Fischer brand since we first started injection moulding plastic products many years ago.


The Fischer Plastics brand has developed into a leader in storage solutions for all industries across Australia and New Zealand. We have a dedicated distribution network that provides expert storage solutions and accessories to suit your broad storage requirements.

The ESD plastic containers that have been developed through material selection and premium additives in our manufacturing process has meant that our products are compliant with the Global Standard for static dissipation safe storage.

Safe Electrical Storage:

When storing electrical components and parts brings an added risk that should be taken seriously. Whether it is your large scale warehouse facility and distribution centre all the way through to an electricians van, opting for an ESD safe storage bin over standard PolyPropylene will give you the peace of mind that components won't be defective once you get to site.

Some other manufacturers choose to add cheap fillers to their plastic products which can further give opportunity for your parts to simply break in transport or interfere with the standard process of an electrical part. 

Fischer Plastics, being a local Australian manufacturer, also gives you the opportunity to communicate with local staff and customer service to identify the perfect storage product for your needs.

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Written by Luke