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What is Static Dissipative Plastic?

16 Mar 2020 / by Luke

As Fischer Plastics has developed their range of ESD safe storage solutions for the vast industry of storing and distributing electrical components and static sensitive parts, it is important to understand what static dissipation is and what static dissipative plastic products can do to alleviate any risk involved with your parts.

What is ESD and Static Dissipation:

Static dissipation is the process that allows electric charges to flow more slowly between two objects, resulting in a lower emission of energy to the ground which prevents discharge and possible damage to any sensitive items.

By adding static dissipation properties into plastics allows you to create an ESD safe solution for sensitive devices. The process is implemented in the material selection and manufacturing phase of production where a variable percentage of charged carbon molecules are added into the raw material along with a black masterbatch (colour component).

Fischer Plastics is becoming one of a select few Australian manufacturers with the capacity to create ESD safe storage bins made from static dissipative plastic. At the moment the key suppliers of similar products are operating out of the UK and meaning exorbitant prices for Australian consumers once freight and other handling fees are factored in.

Fischer Building

The other great thing about working with a local supplier such as Fischer plastics is the opportunity with Made to Order products. The core range we will hold stock of is in the Stor-Pak products. With this being said, larger orders and broader fit-outs can open the option for any Fischer product to factor in the ESD Safe properties and suit your varying storage needs.

If you would like any further information about the Fischer ESD storage range which will be available in mid-2020 for consumers, reach out to our leading sales team today.

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Written by Luke