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Ideal Storage for Your Educational Supplies

22 Aug 2019 / by Luke

The educational industry has been developing at unprecedented levels in recent times with advancing technologies and greater needs for innovative learning resources and solutions for children. With this has come a growing need for classroom and broader schooling storage solutions that can compliment the learning environment and allow for the learning process to operate as efficiently as possible.

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When Fischer Plastics was first approached by industry leaders in the educational supplies realm, we were challenged with the task to tailor a selected range of plastic products as storage solutions for teaching resources. This has brought forth effective and durable boxes specifically designed for documents and flash cards as well further innovative solutions such as the combo storage trolley.

Being an Australian manufacturer partnering with local stakeholders from government bodies through to private schools and supplies distributors, Fischer Plastics’ educational supplies storage solutions can offer:

Strong and durable design features

  • We have done the research into the environments that teaching supplies storage products are subjected to from weathering through to how rigorously they can be thrown around a classroom.
  • Fischer’s educational storage solutions offer UV stabilisation, industrial grade material selection and stackable options.

Australian Made certification

  • By aligning with the Australian Made campaign meant that we stand up as a local Manufacturer that abides by ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices as per Australian guidelines.
  • The resulting products are far superior to the majority of the comparable imports and align with government procurement requirements.

Distribution network across Australia and New Zealand

  • Fischer Plastics has built a dedicated network of suppliers both directly and indirectly involved with the educational sector.
  • For over 50 years Fischer has operated and carefully selected suppliers that offer premium customer service with every purchasing need you may require.

With manufacturing, product development and our state of the art Head Office in Melbourne, Australia, Fischer’s staff is well equipped to help you find the perfect plastic educational storage solution for your documents and other resources. Speak to one of our expert sales staff today.

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Written by Luke