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Office Storage with Fischer Plastics

With more and more people working from home, rather than working five days in an office, having a tidy and organised home space where you can work and complete projects is great.

If it is organised and tidy, it will help you to perform at your best and complete tasks to the best of your abilities. Knowing where everything is will save time by not looking for things like lost pens or USBs.

The first step is to ask yourself: Do I need this?7C0AEF7B-CF90-43F9-9925-1794B65B15CD

Of course, you need lots of things in your office like your computer, pens, and notepads. But what about all those random almost finished pens that contribute to the pile of miscellaneous things in that drawer. Everyone has one, the drawer of random unused things. So maybe start there. Go through the drawer and decide what to keep and what to throw away. This will eliminate some of the clutter and get you on your way to having a cleaner office. With the things, you decide to keep organise them into storage containers. For example, you could place a clear storage box with dividers in your drawer and sort out what you want to keep.

321_24APR2018_0315Another great way to arrange your office supplies is by organising things like pens, USBs, paper clips and all those other smaller items in separate sections of a container, with the help of dividers. These storage containers are also great for kids storage items such as colouring pens. 

It is important to store A4 paper correctly so that it doesn’t become damaged and unusable before you are ready. A simple solution to this is our clear plastic storage containers. Simply place the paper in the box and store on your desk or in a cupboard.

Creating new habits is easier when you have the right storage. When you come into the office place your things in one area - into a tub, box or tray. You can also place these storage solutions into your office cupboards to take this another step forward. You can either leave these storage systems in the office cabinets or take them out and bring them to your workspace when you need them. The stor-pak and spare parts trays can be used with labels for easy viewing. 

You want to make it as easy as possible to keep things organised. It is a hassle to put things away or if you don’t know where to put things, you probably won’t. Having clear storage solutions will help you keep things organised.

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