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30 Jun 2022

New Fischer Spare Parts Trays To Suit Your Needs


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22 Jun 2022

More Than Just a Plastic Box

It is easy to look at a Plastic Box and disregard the properties that go into the material selection which can determine a product's application as well as durability. When Fischer Plastics develops new storage bins to a specific market we look at all possible material variables to ensure that we can consistently produce high-quality plastic storage bins to withstand all needs of the industry.

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15 Jun 2022

Sterile Plastic Medication Storage Bins for Lismore Hospital

Fischer Plastics range of Medical Grade storage solutions are highlighted by the Mesh-Pak bin. A sterile consumables storage solution, perfect for hospitals and medical facilities. 

We worked with a leading Fischer distributor to install a storage project for Lismore Hospital to upgrade their patient bay wing. This case study shows how the Fischer Mesh-Pak bins can be implemented into medical facilities to not only increase the storage capacity but ultimately assist with overall efficiencies and labelling potential. 

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8 Jun 2022

Plastic baskets, a great alternative to wire medical baskets

The industry of pharmaceuticals and the research into new medicines has been evolving for many years, particularly within Australia's sector. Some of our leading scientific research is done within this sector, helping to find cures for disease and battle common virus'. Within this industry is the requirements for a storage system that can adapt to a vast array of scenarios and can withstand extreme temperatures.

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1 Jun 2022

The Four C's for organised Container Storage

Keeping your warehouse, office or tool storage neat can be difficult, however, by utilising these storage ideas, you can ensure:

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