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Fischer Plastics Recycled Materials Process

Fischer Plastics has been developing its capacity to use recycled materials over the past decade as the demand and sustainability behind the process continue to grow in the market. One of the biggest barriers to success within recycled materials has been a number of misconceptions around the quality of products, longevity as well as affordability. 

With the release of Fischer Plastics' new line of storage tubs in the stack and nest market, Fischer's success in the recycled materials sector is expanding too. Fischer has the ability to manufacture with premium-grade recycled materials that offer both a great sustainability impact and cost benefits that don't come at the cost of quality.

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The Fischer Plastics process for our recycled materials involves regrinding up the high-quality waste products from the manufacturing process that would otherwise end up in landfill. Ensuring that the waste materials we use in the regrinding process have a known source and come from the same process as our high-quality virgin material range, means that the finished product quality is an almost perfect specification.

In a growing world of environmental consciousness and purchasing guidelines relating to recycled materials, it is become more and more attractive to transition your current plastic usage into a recycled material.

Fischer Plastic's expert team can work with you on your current Fischer purchases to look at expanding into recycled materials. If you have a reasonable volume requirement it can become quite an easy process working with our premium materials selections that can also tick a lot procurement boxes that bigger companies require.

As one of the most used plastics storage boxes in Australia, the Stor-Tub stack and nest crates can also be one of the easiest options for turning to a recycled plastic product. With so many applications and general storage. At Fischer, we are excited to make eco-friendly decisions and are working to close the loop by creating innovative new recycled products. Want to read more about recycled plastic tubs, click here, to learn more!

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