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Close the Loop With Recycled Materials

Closed loop and circular economies are theories that go hand in hand with the manufacturing industry. The ability to close the loop by recovering waste product and re-purposing it back in the supply chain process can save money, time and have clear environmental benefits in an effective system. 

As the single-use plastics industry has continued to be highlighted in the world of sustainability for it's negative impacts, the window has been opened for high quality plastics manufacturers to take a stand and show the positive qualities that reusable plastics have.

Fischer Plastics has been at the forefront of the Australian plastic manufacturing industry for over 50 years. In the last 10 years or so, Fischer has been able to incorporate a variety of plastic off-cuts and waste product that would have otherwise ended up in landfill into an innovative "viro" range of storage products. This process has been able to close the loop in manufacturing and offer a variety of industries a premium plastic product that is also environmentally friendly.

tub1H-185 - Fischer's Stor-Tub 9L - Made from recycled plastics

Recycled Plastic Storage Bins:

The storage industry and other industrial plastics applications, require strength and longevity of the parts due to the high intensity and nature of the industry. Fischer Plastics has always been known for their quality control and producing plastics that are built to last through the rigours of industrial use.

There was no exception when it came to our recycled range and despite the fact that we were able to use a re-grinded sustainable material, we maintained the quality that our customers trust in the brand name. 

The market for recycled plastics is still very small for a number of reasons:

  • Priced above the standard lines in some cases
  • Little demand to promote competition in the market
  • Misconceptions about strength

As consumers slowly transition towards recycled plastics in many departments, it will need companies like Fischer Plastics to prove their strength capacity and longevity which will then drive demand and ultimately make the products more affordable too.

Speak to Fischer Plastics today about how you can work towards closing the loop with your plastics requirements and transition to a sustainable recycled alternative.

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