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28 Apr 2020 / by Luke

As the request for recycled materials and the broader application for their uses is being seen across Australia, the quality control has needed to keep in line with the sustainability. Manufacturing companies are putting greater emphasis on ensuring that recycled materials are at the highest quality when they are put into the machines and as such the end product can be almost as premium as their virgin material counterpart.

Fischer Plastics manufacturing site has their own industrial plastic granulator machine on-site as we continue to expand our capacity to produce high quality plastics from recycled materials. By incorporating our own pure second generation materials that would have otherwise ended up in landfill.


What is a pure second generation material?

In the realm of recycled plastics manufacturing, there are a number of different ways that companies can cut corners and reduce costs involved with production. A lot of the plastics that are imported to Australia from cheaper labor nations such as China can sometimes involve a fourth or fifth generation plastic. The generation factor is an indicator of how many times the raw material has been re-ground up and put back into the manufacturing process. It can become a cheap option for making plastics by incorporating old materials and adding fillers such as rubber and talc to fill space in the mould but tarnish the strength capacity.

Fischer Plastics pure second generation materials incorporates primarily our own offcuts that are otherwise wasted through our production cycles. These off-cuts have not been put through the elements in industrial use and are re-ground in a clean state. By incorporating our premium additives such as chemical resistant properties and UV stabilisers the resulting product can often be very difficult to tell the difference between the virgin material and the recycled.

Procurement Policy:

For recycled plastics to continue to rise in consumer habits and large project procurement needs a greater emphasis on preferential supply. As the demand continues to increase for these materials, this will drive the prices down for consumers.

There is still a long way to go for the recycled plastics sector to become a prominent component of the plastics in the world, but by producing such a high-quality range similar to what Fischer Plastics offers, is making the transition a much easier process.

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Written by Luke