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18 Feb 2020

What Is ESD Compliance?

With the increasing need for ESD Safe Storage solutions for your sensitive devices, it is important to understand the global standards that are associated with this and what to look for with compliance. 

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11 Feb 2020

Anti Static Storage Bins


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7 Feb 2020

What is ESD?

Electrostatic discharge or Electrostatic dissipation are the most common phrases you will see in reference to ESD. The discharge of electrostatic is a result of the transfer in charge between bodies with varying electric potentials. Most importantly for the world of ESD Storage is the fact that discharge of this nature can cause harm to particular products and result in defects in the product stored.

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17 Dec 2019

Warehouse Storage Solutions to Maximise Your Potential

The holiday season often gives your business the opportunity for an overhaul of your operational activities and looking at fresh ways you can improve efficiencies in the new year. Warehousing and other back of house storage systems offer a key insight into the operations of a business and will show clear ways to maximise your companies potential.

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9 Dec 2019

How Wall Mounted Storage Systems Can Make Your Storage More Efficient.

The Fischer Plastics range of storage bins and accessories include the original picking style bin - the Stor-Pak. Built to last from of the strongest virgin grade PolyPropylene with no additives such as talc filler, the Stor-Pak bin has lead the way for storage systems in many industries such as Educational, Medical, Warehousing and Logistics, Industrial and Mining to name a few.

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