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Claudine Fessey

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15 Dec 2021

Industrial Stor-Tub & Viro-Tub Storage

Fischer Plastic Products Stor-Tub and Viro-Tub Range Perfect For Your Bulk Storage Needs


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10 Dec 2021

Clear Storage Boxes

Fischer Plastics Product Compartment A6 Storage Box - Clear


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20 Mar 2019

Why The Quality Of Your First Aid Box Matters

When looking to buy new first aid kits or storage for your first aid supplies, it is important to consider where the container was made. It is vital to have a high-quality storage solution for first aid supplies to ensure they are kept safe and hygienic so that in case of an emergency or accident you have the supplies you need.

Fischer Products Have Been Australian Made for 53 years
For over 50 years, Fischer Plastic Products has been manufacturing a variety of first aid storage kits and first aid plastic storage solution products that are made to last.

Buying products that are manufactured locally in Australia, ensures the quality of every medical storage container & kit.

Hospital Grade Material
We ensure that all products are made from the highest quality grade virgin material so that you can store your first aid in clean and adequate conditions.

Our first aid storage product range has been made with your home, workplace or van storage needs in mind.

The Fischer range is made to ensure that your first aid storage follows best practice and optimum hygiene standards.

Interchangeable & complimentary range
The First Aid storage range is effective when space is a premium. We have many different types of storage solutions.

Our products enable organised effectiveness and are made to interchange and compliment the current storage containers or first aid cabinets found throughout your home, office, van or healthcare facility.

Portable Storage Solutions
Our First Aid Tool Box for examples is the perfect durable, on the go, hygienic storage solution. With multiple different configurations, the first aid toolbox comes in a range of sizes with different tray configurations, which enables cleanliness & organised effectiveness of your first aid storage. With cantilever trays, the toolbox is suitable for storing multiple items that need to be separated in your kit.

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6 Mar 2019

First Aid Plastic Storage Containers

 The Fischer Plastic Storage Containers are a great versatile storage solution for first aid and emergency supplies.

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20 Feb 2019

Why Everyone Needs First Aid Storage Cupboards

The Fischer First Aid cabinet is a vital necessity for any small construction site, manufacturing facility, health facility or the home or office. Unfortunately, no matter where you are there is always some risk of an accident occurring and it is advisable to be prepared before any incidents happen by having a suitable first aid kit of some kind.

The Fischer First Aid Storage Cupboard was designed with safety in mind. 

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