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3 Jun 2020

Recycled Plastic Storage Bins

Warehousing and general storage of parts for any business has become a point of interest in order to make the operational component of the company as efficient as possible. By optimising your storage system to have readily available picking and packing as well as easily identifiable parts can revolutionise your warehouse and even improve the profitability of your business due to increasing capacity.

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29 Apr 2020

Helping You Through Government Procurement Policy

The nature of procurement guidelines outlined in the biggest tenders and projects is ever-changing due to consumer shifts and bigger goals and outcomes as dictated by all levels of government. As manufacturers and suppliers are consistently trying to adapt to these guidelines there is a growing need for local suppliers that can work with tendering companies to provide the goods that keep in line with the standards.

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28 Apr 2020

Industrial Plastic Granulator Machine Australia

As the request for recycled materials and the broader application for their uses is being seen across Australia, the quality control has needed to keep in line with the sustainability. Manufacturing companies are putting greater emphasis on ensuring that recycled materials are at the highest quality when they are put into the machines and as such the end product can be almost as premium as their virgin material counterpart.

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24 Oct 2019

Manufacturing With Recycled Plastics

The manufacturing industry is constantly shifting and changing with market trends. We are finding consumers are putting more emphasis on innovative designs and technologies when purchasing, particularly through a local supply route in Australia. The perception of plastics in general is also changing, with greater drivers on impactful purchases being outlined in procurement guidelines and collectively working towards environmentally positive plastics.

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