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Helping You Through Government Procurement Policy

29 Apr 2020 / by Luke

The nature of procurement guidelines outlined in the biggest tenders and projects is ever-changing due to consumer shifts and bigger goals and outcomes as dictated by all levels of government. As manufacturers and suppliers are consistently trying to adapt to these guidelines there is a growing need for local suppliers that can work with tendering companies to provide the goods that keep in line with the standards.

By sourcing from local manufacturers when bidding on projects and tenders you can ensure:

  • Efficient supply lead times that avoid international freight channels.
  • Local customer service / sales representatives that can assist you throughout the project.
  • The ability to tailor your tender submission to the procurement guidelines thanks to local manufacturing standards and capacity.
  • Ensure a high-quality product to the standards of Australian manufacturing.

By working with a local supplier such as Fischer Plastics, you can rest assured that we will be able to work with you along every step of your tender/project lifecycle. Fischer's premium range of plastic storage is entirely made locally in Australia which amongst many other guidelines is often given preferential value in a tender application. We hold large amounts of stock and have the ability to supply within short lead times.

Australian Manufacturing is globally regarded as some of the best plastics manufacturing areas, with innovative processes and great levels of quality control.

Fischer Plastics in 2018

Recycled Plastics Australia

One of the key areas of procurement guidelines that we are seeing a lot of emphasis being placed towards in Australia has been the incorporation of recycled materials into all possible areas, especially plastics.

Australia's high end plastics manufacturers such as Fischer Plastics has been able to incorporate their own second generation material off-cuts into the manufacturing line allowing the development of recycled plastics that would have otherwise ended in landfill. This upcycling phenomenon is not only sustainably best practice but also has proven quality products that are often hard to differentiate from their virgin material counterparts.

Speak to Fischer Plastics today about how we can supply the plastics for your tender submissions or project proposals.

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Written by Luke