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Three Key Considerations For Your Office First Aid Kit

13 Feb 2019 / by Claudine Fessey

All workplaces should have easy to access to adequate first aid supplies. Don't wait for the first accident in your in your workplace to organise first aid.

Consider the risks at your workplace
No matter if the risk factor is low or high at your workplace it is essential to have a first aid kit.

Where risk does come into consideration is what you will need in your first aid kit. For example, at a low-risk workplace, you may only need items similar to what you would have at a home first aid kits, such as:

  • band-aids
  • bandages
  • antiseptic swabs
  • safety pins

However, at a high-risk workplace, you will need a more extensive first aid kit. For example if your staff are working with hazardous machinery or chemicals you will need to supply the appropriate first aid in case of an accident. You may need a larger range of first aid consumables such as a:

  • resuscitation mask
  • trauma dressing
  • sterile saline solution
  • heavy crepe bandage

Consider how many people are at your workplace.
The number of people who work in your office or job site is critical to take into consideration. Depending on how many people there are you will need to consider what first aid you need, how many of the items you need and how often you will check the supplies. It is important to stocktake what has been used so that it can be replaced appropriately.

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Consider the right storage for your first aid.

We would suggest choosing one or more of our top 4 first aid storage solutions for your workplace, office, warehouse or job site:

  1. Fischer First Aid Cabinet: Comes with either a knob or lock for safe storage. Comes in three sizes and is wall-mountable so it is easy to see and find. 
  2. Fischer First Aid Ezi-Pak: This versatile option comes with 21 compartments as standard but with removable dividers you can create larger storage areas as you need them. The Ezi-Pak allows for easy storage of small items such as swabs through to large items such as fire blankets.
  3. Fischer Clear Compartment Boxes: With a clear lid for easy visibility you can easily organise stock control of the first aid supplies. They come in over 17 different sizes so that you can find the perfect storage solution for your needs.
  4. Fischer First Aid Tool Boxes: With cantilever trays, the toolbox is suitable for storing multiple items that need to be separated in your kit. With the easy-grip handle you can move your first aid kit to wherever you need it. To read more about how you can use the Fischer Tool Box for first aid click here. 

Make sure you're compliant in the workplace and are prepared.  

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Claudine Fessey

Written by Claudine Fessey

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