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Why a Tool Box is Perfect For Comprehensive First Aid Storage

13 Feb 2019 / by Claudine Fessey

Having a comprehensive first aid kit is essential for everyone.

We suggest using a toolbox to create the best and most versatile first aid kit.

Having a first aid kit with you at all times means that not only will you be protected at work or out and about but it will also enable you to deal with most household accidents or family emergencies. 

Also, having a first aid kit that you know is nearby will allow you to have peace of mind.

tool box 1
If you are thinking about creating your own home or away portable first aid kit, we suggest the Fischer Tool Box.

Tool Boxes make great versatile first aid storage as they are:

  • Made from Hospital grade co-polymer material. We have made the tool box from co-polymer as using this material you can know that the toolbox is bacterial and chemical free keeping your first aid clean and safe to use.
  • Comes with a handle so you can move the first aid kit to where you need it at all times. This means you could use it in ways such as keeping it in your car or van and taking it to different work sites. This type of storage solution for your first aid means you can have the best first aid wherever you are.
  • The material co-polymer is extremely sturdy and won't break if moved around, meaning it will be a long lasting product.
  • The Fischer Toolbox comes with two keyholes. This means you can also keep your first aid safe and secure. 
  • Has a lift out shelf, so that you can keep items seperate, secure and organised. Keeping your first aid organised is important so that in an emergency you can easily find what you are in need of. New Brochure

The Fischer Tool Box is a great box for a comprehensive first aid kit.

To read more about why you should have a first aid kit and what you should keep in it click here. In the blog post, How To Set Up Your First Aid Kit we explore the essential tools and supplies everyone should have in their first aid kit. 

Otherwise, take a look at our catalogue to view our full range off toolboxes and more.

Fischer Plastic Products has a wide range of storage solutions and can help you to organise your space.

Claudine Fessey

Written by Claudine Fessey

Marketing for Fischer Plastics