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Why You Should Update Your Wire Baskets to Plastic

5 Jan 2018 / by Claudine Fessey

 Adequate transportation, handling and storage of healthcare items is vital to ensure staff and patients are safe, but also so that team can perform their roles smoothly and efficiently. 

It is important to regularly look through your medical_storage_solutionsexisting and new items, checking that they are of a high quality. Go through what you have and assess what you need to keep and remove anything old or unnecessary. It is crucial to have up-to-date storage so that the contents are kept clean and used without a second thought by staff. 

However, the number one issue you should be looking for is rust.

Many people are unaware of the exact dangers of rust. A common misconception is that rust merely is discolouration and is not harmful*. However, there are two significant dangers associated with rust:

  1. When the metal is eaten away by oxidation, it is weakened and unable to support as much weight. That can be unsafe as the wire basket when rusty can become weak and no longer able to hold the weight of its contents and collapse and or break. 
  2.  Another very possible issue to consider with rust is the growth of a bacteria called Tetanus. The danger with rust forming on wire storage baskets is that the bacteria move from the rust to the bloodstream and can be deadly if not treated.  

Our storage bins are moulded from high-quality, medical grade, food-grade plastic & are rust-proof. That not only improves the lifetime of your purchase, but it also keeps your staff protected from the infection dangers of rust. 

By using hospital grade plastic storage, you can ensure that your staff do not need to worry about the dangerous of rust in their consumables storage.  Organised effectiveness in pharmacy shelving or healthcare facilities, in general, will help productivity and allow your staff to work to their full potential. 


Plastic bins with perforated bottoms are a great rust free solution 

However, it is best if your hospital storage or pharmacy storage doesn't get to this point, where you are looking for damage. To ensure high standards of cleanliness and sterile storage, read our blog post that lists 5 Important Steps For Efficient Medical Storage.

By utilising the steps in the linked blog post, you can:

  • guarantee the safety of your staff and patients
  • achieve high hygiene standards
  • recognise issues or problems faster 
  • refine and better inventory systems 
  • find things easily and efficiently

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Claudine Fessey

Written by Claudine Fessey

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