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More Than Just a Plastic Box

22 Jun 2022 / by Fischer Team

It is easy to look at a Plastic Box and disregard the properties that go into the material selection which can determine a product's application as well as durability. When Fischer Plastics develops new storage bins to a specific market we look at all possible material variables to ensure that we can consistently produce high-quality plastic storage bins to withstand all needs of the industry.

Here are three specific properties that Fischer has been able to put into the manufacturing line for key benefits to particular industries:

  • Chemical Resistance
  • UV Stabilisation
  • Electro-Static Dissipation

With Fischer's virgin grade Polypropylene material that goes into the Stor-Pak bin range as well as Spare Parts Trays and Mesh-Paks, we have developed additives that can resist chemical spills and not tarnish the strength of the material. In particular industries such as Pharmaceutical storage, this property is paramount to any storage options as spills are common and storage products need to be built to last.

The Fischer Clear Storage Compartment Boxes are an especially versatile product with particular success in the kitting industry as well as fishing tackle boxes. The wide range of storage uses of this product can often lead to significant exposure to sunlight and this can be quite problematic for lesser-grade plastics.

Fischer's product team ensured that this product will not fade and become brittle with sunlight by carefully choosing the properties that are added during the injection moulding process.


A relatively new property that Fischer is developing is the area of Static Dissipation. With the Fischer Spare Parts Trays often utilised in the storage of electrical components and exposure to high currents and frequencies, the materials used in the plastic box can actually affect the quality of the electrical parts over time.

Having the local capacity to fine-tune our products has meant that we can provide a premium range of storage products to cope with each industry's individual needs.

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