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How You Should Be Coding Your Van Racking System

Save yourself and your staff time and energy while also reducing risks by following these two easy and fast coding suggestions for your van racking solutions.


Fischer Plastics Label Holders

Labels are an efficient and highly practical way of coding your vehicle storage. Tags give you the ability to show what is being stored explicitly in each area.1H-059 Fischer Plastics Label Holders.jpg

One great feature of labels is that you can create your personalised labels. That means you can create the description labels in a way that best describe your particular unique material. Furthermore, you can create label tags that best suit the needs of your staff. By creating your labels for things such as clear storage containers or Stor-Paks, your vans and equipment areas have increased organised effectiveness which encourages a stress-free and safe environment.

There are multiple types of labels that you can try for your storage needs. We suggest using sticker labels, cardboard labels or business cards to identify the contents of your storage bins. The labels are rectangular and are great for illustrating what is in your storage box and especially perfect for labeling plumping, electrical or building materials and tools. 


Colour is an implicit visual cue to help people know where things are.
By colour coding the van racking you can:

  • Quickly identify where things are. As such, ensuring their time is being used efficiently.
  • Ensure that your tools and equipment storage is continually kept organised. Sorting everything can be difficult, however by colour coding your storage bins, staff can easily understand and see where things should go.
  • By utilising these two coding practices, you can safeguard your van racking area and make sure it meets the necessary standards. If you need to top up your storage solutions or fit a new space, be sure to look at what Fischer Plastics has to offer and please never hesitate to contact one our storage solutions specialist.

    Fischer Plastic Products are 100% Australian Made so you can buy with peace of mind that you are purchasing the highest quality storage solutions. 

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