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Versatile Combo Storage Trolley

Modern workshop environments and the demand for versatile and portable storage systems has brought forth the production of an innovative range of trolleys. Incorporating the simple louvred panel on a stand both with or without castors attached can allow easy access to your parts in a dynamic workshop style application.

Fischer Plastics has worked with local Australian steel manufacturers to produce a trolley that will be built to last and accompany the widely recognised original storage bin range in the Stor-Pak. Whether you purchase the trolley with new bins in a bundle or are upgrading your current system with an empty trolley you will be sure to make your tool and component accessibility improve.

1H-100 - Combo Storage Trolley Complete

Key benefits of the Fischer Combo Storage Trolley:

  • Australian made steel frame and storage bins to suit.
  • Portable and versatile trolley.
  • Suitable for a diverse range of applications from home garage through to medical, mining and industrial scenarios.

The Fischer Stor-Pak bin is well recognised as the leader in the market for durable storage containers, made from the highest quality raw materials. Your storage system with Fischer equipment is built for a heavy-duty lifestyle and will last longer than many other imported brands.

By supporting Fischer Plastics, you are also supporting the Australian manufacturing industry and ensuring that your money is going to stay in the Australian economy.

The Fischer Plastics Combo Storage trolley is available across the country through Fischer Plastics and their dedicated network of retailers and distributors within the various industries from materials handling right through to medical and educational.

Speak to a Fischer Plastics customer service member today to be put in touch with your nearest supplier of the Fischer range!

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Written by Luke