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Australian Made - Materials Handling Storage Products

Built to last in an industrial environment - made from the highest quality materials.

Fischer Plastic Products has been an integral part of the materials handling industry for many decades. We produce a range of small industrial storage bins to compliment storage infrastructure and make inventory management as easy as possible for you and your customer base.

Materials handling is more specifically defined as the handling, distribution and care of products and equipment. The way that materials are handled is integral for a businesses operations and superiority in this department can truly seperate you from the rest of the market as a leader in your industry.

The Fischer Materials Handling range of picking style bins and parts trays through to wall hanging panels, offers a unique and innovative way to store small components and spare parts and put your business a step ahead of the pack through efficient warehousing and effective organisation. 

We specialise in:

  • Warehousing, bulk storage and inventory storage.
  • Logistics picking bin systems
  • Small industrial materials handling



Fischer Plastics Core Materials Handling Product Ranges

Innovative Storage Solutions

With automation and improving technologies revolutionising the way that  that storage systems can be utilised to benefit a business, Fischer Plastics has been keeping up with the latest product developments and adapting to the changing needs of the industry. Material Handling equipment has become a necessity for any business warehouse operations to run successfully and Fischer storage bins are the perfect materials handling accessory.

Industrial Storage Strength 

Fischer Plastics manufactures with the highest quality virgin grade materials. This ensures that our products are built to last within an industrial environment and to uphold the strength requirements.
The Fischer Plastic range of industrial storage and materials handling equipment has been widely recognised in the market for many decades with injection moulding manufacturing still to this day being operated in Melbourne, Australia. The Stor-Pak picking style bin in particular is commonly recognised as the original storage bin and is the best solution for storage; whether it be a home garage/workshop right through to large scale warehouses or mine sites.