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The Four C's for organised Container Storage

1 Jun 2022 / by Fischer Team

Keeping your warehouse, office or tool storage neat can be difficult, however, by utilising these storage ideas, you can ensure:

  • a refined and more efficient inventory systemOrganiser-Group-Image
  • storage that ensures the items remain clean and neat.
  • more space as items are placed away and not on workbenches are spread across multiple storage containers. 

Cull and review
Go through what you have and assess what you need to keep and remove anything old or unnecessary. Clearing out your storage will ensure that you aren't storing anything that you may never use, and will also assure you know what you do have.

Look through your existing and new items, checking that they are still high quality. By ensuring the condition of your storage units are high quality from the start you will be able to identify any signs of early damage.

Once you have cleaned everything and decided what to keep, it is essential to have a system of where you wish to place everything. This system will make finding things like spare parts easy, which is fundamental to ensure you are working as efficiently as possible.
Storage systems can include colour coding, size coding, and labels. Fischer Plastics has a wide variety of different sized and compartment containers. So choosing the right container can make all the difference.


CommitScreen Shot 2022-04-12 at 2.03.08 pm
Now everything has a place, it will be much easier to keep everything organised! If you have other people using the storage systems explain where everything goes and how you have organised your materials. By teaching others how the storage system works you will not only ensure the items remain organised, but you will also create an efficient space. 

Plastic storage containers are a great storage solution for many different situations as they are:

  • Easy to use 
  • Versatile 
  • Functional


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