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Spring Clean Your Workshop Equipment

26 Feb 2019 / by Luke

Whilst storage systems in an Auto Parts workshop are most important for your spare parts and products on offer for customers, it is also important to keep your equipment storage set-up up to scratch. This will not only improve your efficiencies with jobs on the go, but also allow for overall productivity increasing.

Fischer Plastics can help assist with the following key storage options in your workshop:

  • Tool Storage and Small Components
  • Organisation of Fasteners
  • Bulk equipment storage such as valves and attachments

Untitled41H-100 - Combo Storage Trolley Complete


1. Fischer Stor-Pak 120's in a shelving unit, maximising your storage potential and organising your parts with divider options available.

By utilising the Fischer Stor-Pak's in a shelving unit you can maximise the amount of space capacity that your storage system offers. This neat solution is a professional option for all workplaces.

2. Fischer Combo Storage Trolley. This includes portable louvre panels which can carry many loaded Stor-Pak bins.

The combo trolley is a premium option for a mobile workspace that has the need for transportation of parts and tools around a workshop or warehouse. We build this product on high quality castors so that you can move your storage bins around and have the option to swap them between other louvre panels as necessary. This trolley also can be bolted side by side for a double bay option expanding the capacity.

A neat work environment will foster overall effectiveness and accuracy when it comes to your equipment.

The Fischer Storage range can be colour coded and labelled to improve your storage and spring clean your workshop. Some other popular methods of organising your workshop equipment include setting up a wall hanging system with the Fischer Louvre Panels or arranging your products into a Kanban style setup.



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Written by Luke