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Plastic baskets, a great alternative to wire medical baskets

8 Jun 2022 / by Fischer Team

The industry of pharmaceuticals and the research into new medicines has been evolving for many years, particularly within Australia's sector. Some of our leading scientific research is done within this sector, helping to find cures for disease and battle common virus'. Within this industry is the requirements for a storage system that can adapt to a vast array of scenarios and can withstand extreme temperatures.

When looking at the specific requirements to ensure that a plastic storage bin will withstand the rigours associated with pharmaceuticals the following components are usually specified:

  • Chemical resistant properties
  • The ability to withstand standard refrigerated temps (-4 to 2 degrees C)
  • Not distort in shape under extreme cold temps (less than -15 degrees C)
  • Be dynamic with changing environments

Fischer's Plastic storage bins and trays, manufactured out of virgin PP material offers chemical resistant properties perfect for the hygiene and containment of spillages and leaks. With a mesh style base design as seen in figure 1, we see features that compliment your pharmaceutical storage needs and can increase efficiencies within the pharmacy systems.

Not only will a high-quality product as seen withstand the extreme temperature environment without distorting in shape and losing it's practical ability, but will also allow for the necessary airflow within a refrigeration room to adequately treat each product and allow for circulation within the space. 

Figure 1:

Untitled design.png

The Mesh-Pak design allows for airflow and circulation as seen above.

Due to the dynamic nature of pharmaceutical storage, the ability to interchange labelling and easily move products is also assured with Fischer's range. With a simple set-up of plastic stage bins in your medical storage system will allow for ease of transportation and the ability to either hang, stack or rest the storage bins alone.


This storage solution is great in the place of wire baskets. Being medical grade and Australian Made this product is a great storage solution.


This basket is:

  • made of hospital grade plastic
  • great to use in medical storage cabinets
  • is a wall panel storage baskets
  • great for medication storage

This style of pharmaceutical storage setup will ensure that your companies system is medical grade and a sterile storage solution for your products and equipment. To read more about medical storage solutions, click here

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