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Industrial Stor-Tub & Viro-Tub Storage

15 Dec 2021 / by Claudine Fessey

Fischer Plastic Products Stor-Tub and Viro-Tub Range Perfect For Your Bulk Storage Needs


Blue Clear and Red stacked1H-191V and B + EHI Trolley

As one of Fischer Plastics latest developments, the Fischer stack and nest range is perfect for larger materials handling tasks. We offer a recycled material option as well as a food-grade plastic option to help you securely store your equipment and even for the storage of feed and grain. With colour options to also assist with your organisation.

The stack and nest storage boxes are among the most widely used style of industrial stor-tub storage crates.

The range offers a huge potential for industrial storage solutions across all industries. The lid suits all three sizes and is available in virgin materials and recycled materials.

  • Allow you to Stack and Nest with confidence.
  • Be made from durable recycled, medical or food-grade materials.
  • Offer new and improved handle grooves for comfortable lifting.
  • As well as a scratch-proof lid for securing your parts.

An extremely versatile storage tub for industrial applications.

Stor-Tub Range - Food Grade

Made from durable recycled, medical and food-grade material. Offers new and improved handle grooves for comfortable lifting.  Scratch-resistant lid. (Lid optional extra).

At Fischer Plastic Products we specialise in industrial plastic storage solution products! We are 100% Australian made and owned. As an Australian manufacturer, we are very proud of our complete storage range. All our Stor-Tub products are ex stock and available in various colours, Red. Blue and Clear.


1H-190RStor-Tub Square1H-191C 2

Viro-Tub Range - Recycled PP

Fischer Plastic Products has a new fully recycled PP version. The Viro-Tub range is made from durable recycled polypropylene material. It also offers new and improved handle grooves for comfortable lifting. Scratch-resistant lid. (Lid optional extra).


Speak to one of the Fischer Plastics expert sales and customer service representatives about how you can incorporate the Fischer storage solutions into your business processes and optimise the way you store parts and accessories.

Want to know more about the Fischer Stor-Tub or the extended range? See the below catalogue link to view more information about the product details and a wider view of what Fischer has to offer. 

Download Catalogue


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Claudine Fessey

Written by Claudine Fessey

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