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27 Jul 2021 / by Luke

Plastic storage within the farm supplies sector is a component that is a staple of any agricultural setup. As with all business operations that deal with a considerable amount of materials handling, the plastic storage options you choose can truly complement your operations and increase the efficiencies in order to maximise profits. 

Australian Made Plastic Storage goods have been dwindling away over the past few decades but Fischer Plastics has held strong in its offering of high-quality products to assist businesses to improve their storage systems. For the agricultural sector, we have a range of incredibly strong and food grade tubs and totes to help with transport, organisation and storage of spare parts, equipment and even feed.

Fischer Plastics works through a range of farm supplies organisations in regional Australian towns to provide our products and make upgrading your storage system as smooth and easy as possible.

1H-191V and B + EHI Trolley

Plastics in Agriculture:

Every business that involves materials handling of any variety could benefit from an improved storage system and the inclusion of premium plastics. The agricultural industry is no different and has proven that Australian made plastics still offer the best options for their industry to store goods and support local manufacturing. 

Within materials handling you need not look further than the Fischer Plastics Stor-Tub range of stack and nest crates. These incredibly strong tubs allow for the bulk handling of materials and equipment in both a food safe environment or recycled materials are available where food contact is not necessary. 

When supporting an Australian made plastic product like the Fischer range, you are supporting the local economy and keeping manufacturing alive in Australia, the Fischer range is completely made in house at the state of the art Melbourne facilities.

Chat to the Fischer Plastics Sales team today about how we can assist you access premium plastics for your agricultural needs.

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Written by Luke