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Long lasting storage solutions - made in Australia

Fischer Plastics is a Leader in Australian Made Plastics and Storage.

When choosing your materials handling and industrial storage products, it is important to take into consideration the country of origin as well as the strength capacity that it will take. Customers are continuing to find that Australian made storage products are again being recognised as the leader in the industrial sector for longevity and heavy duty application.

The Fischer Plastic range of industrial storage and materials handling equipment has been widely recognised in the market for many decades with injection moulding manufacturing still to this day being operated in Melbourne, Australia. The Stor-Pak picking style bin in particular is commonly recognised as the original storage bin and is the best solution for storage; whether it be a home garage/workshop right through to large scale warehouses or mine sites.

A few key benefits of buying your storage solutions from Australian manufacturers such as Fischer Plastics include:

  • Tested for a variety of applications to Australian compliance.
  • Long lasting product made from the highest quality materials.
  • Readily accessible customer service team to assist with your ongoing needs.

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More than just a plastic box

Servicing Various Industries

It is easy to look at a plastic box amongst other storage solutions and disregard the properties that go into the material selection which can determine a products application as well as durability.
When Fischer Plastics develops new storage bins to a specific market we look at all possible material variables to ensure that we can consistently produce high quality plastic storage bins to withstand all needs of the industry.

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Revolutionary Technologies

A relatively new area that Fischer has begun developing their capacity in, is the area of Static Dissipation. With the Fischer Spare Parts Trays often utilised in the storage of electrical components and exposure to high currents and frequencies, the materials used in the plastic box can actually affect the quality of the electrical parts over time.
Having the local manufacturing capacity on-site, gives us the opportunity to fine tune our products has meant that we can provide the premium range of storage products to cope with each industries individual needs.